Deployable mobile control room

Security moves where it is needed

IMSS (Integrated Mobile Security System) provides enhanced situational awareness in a mobile and rapidly deployable system. Based on full featured vehicles, the solution offers a complete operational control room inside the van and can integrate both existing and innovative sensor technologies.

A close monitoring and control, everywhere and  anytime,  during all kind of events, in addition to a continuous communication with the central control room, can improve  intervention coordination and maximize the effectiveness of the operation.

Thanks to an integrated communication platform and flexible systems framework, IMSS delivers real time analysis for effective operations coordination and support in different  scenarios.  In the same way, a fast intervention within hours and even minutes may drastically reduce the impact of an emergency. Within this context, IMSS has been designed to provide Blue Forces with increased situational awareness, by integrating advanced technologies and sensors, with an operational control room inside the vehicle itself.

Thanks to modular design capable to support various user requirements, IMSS can be deployed in any critical scenario, such as:

Homeland security and CNI protection

Border control

Major events

Law enforcement

Emergency support.


  • Sensing and control: IMSS monitors critical areas through heterogeneous sensors integrated in the mobile vehicle according to the specific needs.
  • Communications: IMSS guarantees the flow of data between field, vehicle and central control room with our secure communication integration.
  • Supervision and coordination a full integration platform which allows for local command and control and interoperation with central control room.
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