Control Room, for a complete situation awareness

SC2, operational picture for command & control

By integrating technologies for surveillance and protection, information management, automation, mobility and communications, our solutions  provide agencies with the operations management support required to prevent, detect, respond to and recover situations in normal and emergency conditions.

Security challenges increase more and more for critical infrastructure, industries, cities and territories. Providing the right answer to a determined threat is a matter of collecting all the relevant information from heterogeneous systems, combining them and coordinating the reaction in line with the standard operating procedures.

SC2 is the engine of our control rooms, a platform designed to provide a Common Operational Picture for Command & Control, Security Management, Situation Awareness and Resilience, creating a handling center for safety and security in several operational contexts, such as:

  • Critical national infrastructures (ports, airports, railways)
  • Energy and utilities
  • Enhanced situation awareness
  • Cities and territories
  • Major events

The SC2 platform integrates other components such as:

  • CSP suite: a multi technology Computer Aided Dispatch, location services, multimedia recording for enhanced workforce mobilization    
  • Tactical Table: MT2 provides increased situation awareness and operations control, thanks  to sensors and communications integration on a multi-touch large screen.
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