Threat Intelligence
Actionable END-TO-END Intelligence

From OSINT to behavioural analysis
AI-based analysis and reasoning

Innovative Solutions Through a Multi-Level Approach

Our Threat Intelligence solutions through automatic tools continuously monitor the open source web and dark net, identify possible threats and deeply analyse them. The services are supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, a big data & advanced analytics engine and high performance computing resources.

Advanced threat detection and exploration

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Leading edge and highly innovative solutions aimed at detecting new vulnerabilities, cyber attacks in preparation, and information illegally stolen and published on the web. 

  • Real time big data analysis

Possible intelligence clues identification through structured and unstructured big data analysis and continuous monitoring of open web sources. 

  • Data breach in the viewfinder

The solution predicts and prevents critical organisations’ and companies’ data loss due to internal and external cyber attacks, potentially compromising strategic business and essential services.

Social & Security Intelligence

Acquisition, analysis and correlation of open source information aimed at offering a complete overview of the online sentiment related to brands, products and socio-political events, and at preventing threats for national security. 

  • Corporate Assets Protection

Real-time analysis of communications exchanged on the web and social networks related to an event of interest in order to prevent propaganda attacks and protest actions against companies and organisations.

  • Crime prevention

Identification of terrorist networks and criminal organisations through the analysis and monitoring of open sources, social networks, and deep and dark web, in order to support Government and Intelligence Agencies in the implementation of the appropriate prevention actions.

Fraud Detection

Continuous monitoring on web sources and the dark net, in order to identify criminals and improve our customers’ capabilities.

  • Fighting against phishing

Solutions preventing online fraud, such as phishing campaigns, domain abuse and digital identity thefts, contributing to identify cyber criminals and targets.

  • VIPs and Brand protection

Threat Intelligence solutions guaranteeing brands’ and VIPs’ protection from internet domain name thefts deployed by the cyber criminals to produce profit or damage the company under attack.

Intelligence Operation Center

An innovative and SOC-integrated Intelligence Operation Center with cutting-edge hardware and software infrastructures, and expert intelligence analysts supported by advanced workflow and case management tools.

  • Top-level analysts and tools

Teams of data scientists and intelligence analysts with expertise in data, ontologies and taxonomies modelling, specialising in vulnerability and threat analysis, supported by smart view, visual links and AI tools.

•    Supercomputer

500 TFlops High performance computing resources elaborating 500,000 billions operations every second. The infrastructure enables analysts to collect, correlate and analyse huge amounts of data.  


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