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Next Generation Cyber Security

Intelligence-driven Cyber Security services
Monitoring Cyber security real-time 24X7

Continuously monitoring cyber scenario

Our managed security services allow us to configure and monitor IT/OT systems’ security status with the aim of promptly identifying any breach of security policies and applying appropriate actions: from vulnerability assessment up to remediation.  

Enhancing Customers' Resilience

Next Generation Services

Leonardo’s managed proactive and reactive security services protect Governments, NATO, major critical infrastructures and digital service providers. We monitor our customers’ devices, networks and systems ensuring endpoint, communications and application security 24X7X365.

  • Security Events Correlation

Our services collect real-time security events with customers’ historical and organisational information, correlating them with cyber threat intelligence data in order to be ready immediately and constantly to prevent and manage any attack.

  • Continuous Security Awareness

Leonardo’s top cyber security experts work with our customers to produce vulnerability focuses and cyber security reports and bulletins based on intelligence feeds and new vulnerabilities. 

Comprehensive SCADA Protection

Our family of services combines the strong experience in defence and critical national infrastructure contexts with advanced proprietary developments and state-of-the-art technologies. 

  • Fighting unknown  threats

Despite traditional approaches, available only for known attack patterns, Leonardo delivers an innovative model to recognise unknown threats and contain incidents through passive monitoring systems, observing network traffic without blocking communications and through probes analysing most used ICS protocols.

  • Behavioral analysis at the core

Services swivel around innovative behavioural analysis through a Deep Protocol Behaviour Inspection and a Behavioral BluePrint, self-learning to understand normal or legitimate traffic and behaviour, detect anomalies and alert organisations.

Security Operation Centres

Leonardo’s next generation and intelligence-driven Centres of Excellence for Cyber Security provide real-time security of Italian and international critical infrastructures through the integration of cyber intelligence and cyber security services.  

  • Next Gen SOC Business

The assets guarantee detection and monitoring capabilities 24X7X365, capturing more than 90,000 events each second, and more than 1,500 security offences handled by operators every day.

•    Supercomputer

500 TFlops High performance computing resources elaborating  500,000 bln operations every second. The infrastructure enables analysts to collect, correlate and analyse huge amount of data. 


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