Secure Analytics
Going straight to data insights through analytics

A comprehensive approach to evolve towards analytic
Intrinsically secure vertical analytics to improve customers’ processes

Analytics boosting core services

Leonardo’s Big Data, Analytics & IoT platforms enhance customers’ operations through core process-tailored verticals, leveraging the big data produced by a hyperconnected world.  Artificial Intelligence Scientists and Big Data Architects also support our customers to model their data and produce insights for business decisions using AI algorithms.

Effective and secure processes


  • Proprietary framework

A methodological framework addressing process, organisational and data aspects through the definition of activity sequences, deliverables, roles and professional figures responsibilities, and data lifecycle.

  • Transformation in six steps

An iterative approach allowing incremental functionality delivery, from the identification of business opportunities deriving from analytics insights, to the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, up to the model performance evaluation.

Verticals Analytics

  • Secure Connected Factory

A system enabling the path towards Industry 4.0 through a model that integrates advanced applications and technologies to provide real-time strategic information. This allows complete control of processes and assets, increasing efficiency and reducing development time and costs.

  • Energy Risk Management

A cloud-based system supporting trading operators to manage contracts lifecycle and offering an operative environment for risk management through market analysis, forecast calculation and scenarios statistic generation, offering both native calculation algorithms and external engines supplied ones.

  • Secure Energy Monitoring

A flexible, cloud-based system for buildings’ and plants’ energy efficiency control and optimisation, integrating real-time monitoring tools for energy consumption, invoice costs simulation and infrastructure cyber protection. The system also detects anomalies highlighted by unexpected consumption values.

Security & Innovation

  • Innovation inspires us

Vertical analytics insights derived from the usage of the big amount of data produced by the increasingly connected world, through the application of AI and ML techniques and the integration of modelling and simulation technologies, supporting the definition of reality descriptive models.

  • Secure-by-Design

Intrinsic security of applications and systems, constantly updated in order to prevent data exfiltration attempts, through a suite of services, a specific methodology for secure software development and security experts.

  • Factory Security

Cyber attack identification and dynamic calculation of the impact on assets and production processes, through the use of machine learning techniques applied to heterogeneous data coming from OT sensors and SIEM.


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