Investigation support systems

Actionable insights to support investigations

Leveraging advanced data mining techniques, open sources intelligence, visual analysis and secure collaboration tools, Leonardo’s Investigation Support Systems enhance research, collection and analysis activities conducted by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies within investigations, strategic intelligence and crime interdiction.

Our Investigation Support Systems provide a comprehensive end-to-end support to investigation and intelligence activities, being designed and developed during a long-standing collaboration between Leonardo and the Italian law enforcement agencies responsible for counterterrorism and organized crime investigations.

Leonardo’s systems enable investigators to extract actionable insights from a large amount of apparently unrelated information and to conduct proactive searches as they can collect, fuse and analyse any type of structured and unstructured data from any source, such as population registries, financial and border control records, deep and dark web. 

Relevant information is automatically extracted through cognitive and semantic analysis, pattern matching algorithms. Investigators can further correlate the extracted entities using innovative visual analysis tools.

Advanced collaboration functions allow analysts to securely and effectively share information between different investigative teams on a need-to-know basis.

Main Features

Based on a flexible and modular architecture, Leonardo’s Investigation Support Systems are composed of three functional modules:

  • Investigation Analysis System: achieves federated searches, analyses and correlates the extracted entities, organizes the selected information in investigation files that can be collaboratively shared through visual analytics advanced tools.
  • Crime Scene Investigation: generates extremely detailed virtual reconstruction of the crime scene, strengthening evidences’ research activities  and investigative hypotheses verification.
  • Cyber Crime Center: supports investigations conducted by forensic laboratories in the digital domain, aiming to strengthen terrorism prevention capabilities.


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