Integrated environment to practice cyber security

Designed on advanced virtualisation technologies, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, Leonardo’s Cyber Trainer allows cyber defence operators to simulate highly complex cyber warfare scenarios, execute practical training by teams and manage debriefings.

It is crucial for national security operators and critical industries cyber security experts to know the main cyber threats that can damage their organisations or the whole country, and be able to implement – promptly, quickly and in a cooperative way – the required actions to stop a threat or minimise the effects of a cyber attack.

Cyber Training solutions take advantage of simulation and virtualisation technologies to build realistic and immersive cyber experiences that enhance the cyber national defence capabilities. They enable the continuous training, exercise and update of their staff in order to identify, understand and respond effectively to cyber threats and attacks.

The practical training sessions allow students – divided into red and blues teams – to practise the cyber attack and defence. This happens after the definition and configuration of training scenarios and the implementation of the simulation, in terms of roles, traffic network, systems to be protected or attacked, scoring mechanisms, automatic evaluation and performance analysis.


  • Configuration - configuration of training scenarios, attack tactics and operational scenarios.
  • Learning - support tools dedicated to teachers and apprentices aimed at the definition and evaluation of training paths and for collaboration purpose. 
  • Range - execution, tracking, automatic and semi-automatic evaluation of the training sessions and ex post debriefings.
  • Test - cyber security tests on physical and virtual devices and cyber weapons experimentation.

Intuitive gamification features present the real development of the exercises for an easy understanding and interpretation, usable for debriefings. This is called Cyber Trainer Awareness Game.


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