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Supporting customers to Strengthen IT/OT systems resilience

We design and develop Security Strategy & Governance and Cyber Resilience for Governments, Critical National Infrastructures and strategic industries through consulting services and the design of on-premise cyber security and intelligence solutions.

Leveraging our long-standing experience in the cyber domain, Leonardo can supply its customers with a full range of professional services to ensure the resilience of their systems, including: 

  • Security Governance: define a Security Management System that complies with security strategies, business objectives and the existing regulations.

  • Cyber Resilience & SCADA Security: analyse customers’ operating environment security in order to highlight vulnerabilities and propose remediation actions.

  • Cyber Security Design & Build: consulting services for the design of SOC/CERT/IOC infrastructures and systems developed with secure-by-design approach.

  • Cyber Security Operations: we offer advice, training and support to customers in the operation of their security management regime including SOC/CERT/IOC through our cyber academy and cyber range.


A Security Evaluation Laboratory (LVS) is also available to evaluate and certify the security of systems and products pertaining to the information technology sector. The laboratory is qualified by the Italian Information Security Certification Body (OCSI), and operates since 1997. It was merged in Leonardo in 2017 and acts as a Safety Assessment Laboratory, a global consultant for physical, organisational and ICT security  and as a consultant in Italy for military certifications consistently with the National Security directives.


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