OTO Vulcano 127

"VULCANO" is a family of unguided (BER) and guided (GLR) ammunition for the 76mm, 127mm naval guns and 155mm land artillery systems.

VULCANO 127mm ammunition is conceived to give the 127/54 C and the 127/64 LW Naval Guns the capability to meet any present and future requirement for Precision Naval Fire Support and Long Range engagement of Surface Targets.

VULCANO 127mm BER maintains the anti-air role as well.
VULCANO 127mm rounds capitalize on new and emerging technology based upon a fin stabilized airframe with canard control for terminal guidance; mechanical interfaces are the same as standard 127mm ammunition.

VULCANO 127mm available rounds are:

  • Ballistic Extended Range (BER) unguided multirole ammunition with multi function programmable fuze;
  • Guided Long Range (GLR)ammunition with IR sensor for anti-ship role;
  • Guided Long Range (GLR)ammunition with IMU+GPS autonomous guidance for precise NFS actions (a Semi Active Laser sensor can be fitted as option).

All the systems needed to operate VULCANO 127mm ammunition are integrated into the 127/64 LW Control Console and no mechanical modification to the 127/64 LW gun is required.
VULCANO 127mm is fully compatible with in-service 127/54 C guns with the addition of a module with the functions of:

  • Programmer for ammunition’s fuze and guidance system;
  • Mission Planner and Executer for Naval Fire Support both in stand-alone mode and in interaction with ship’s Network Centric Systems with the role of choosing firing solutions, selection of ammunition, definition of trajectories and firing sequences, ballistic computations etc.

Firing VULCANO 127mm ammunition does not affect the barrel life.

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