Real-time 3D engine for simulation environments

The VIR3x Image Generator System combines the highest performance and quality standards with an unprecedented simplicity and speed in scenario database preparation. Image richness and quality is dynamically enhanced automatically by the system.

VIR3X Image Generator founding concept is the aim to reduce the time required to generate and visualize a scene, from the moment the gaming area is selected to the actual image. Cost of  database preparation is usually tens to hundreds times the cost of the IG Software application. VIR3X strength resides in its ability to dynamically generate complex scenes from standard, cheap, easily available geographical data. Automatic details and physical accuracy are two of the features that makes VIR3X one of the best professional Image Generator of its league. Thermal Infrared and Electro-Optical sensor simulation is based on a characterization process of the visible database. VIR3X is a software completely developed by Leonardo able to run on COTS Hardware and designed with an architecture easily customizable to satisfy customer requirements.

Main features

•    Unrestricted continuous terrain database WGS84 round earth.

•    Database generation from standard data.

•    Geotypic or Geospecific textures at multi detail level.

•    Procedural generation of detail.

•    Enhanced Visual and Weather effects.

•    Particle Systems and Shaders.

•    Accurate Light model.

•    3D Models in standard format.

•    Enhanced Visual and Weather effects.

•    Correlated Sensors Display.

Technical data

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