UAS Full Mission Simulators
The highest fidelity for mission readiness in complex UAS operations.

The training solution for the utmost performance from UAS operation.

Train as you operate

UAS missions are taking an increasing role in military and civil operations.
Their employment in complex operational scenarios requires a high level of training.
The UAS Full Mission Training System ties Leonardo simulation capabilities and the knowledge of UAS system design and operation to offer a high fidelity, interoperable solution able to immerse the crew in an ‘as real’ environment. 

Mission & features

Individual/crew training

Composed of a Full Mission Simulator, a Basic Trainer, a Planning, Monitoring and Debriefing Station, maximizing the training effectiveness and lessons learning.
Covers individual and joint training of all the various crew roles, including Pilot,  Sensors, Data Link Operator and Mission Commander.

Highest fidelity

The system offers a high fidelity aerodynamics modelling, weight and balance, re-hosted avionics, FCS, navigation, physical modelling of payloads for an unrivalled sensor simulation of all types of payloads including EO to IR, Radar, EIS and others.

Intelligent synthetic entities

RIACE synthetic environment offers an immersive environment with threats, targets and real-life computer generated forces able to act autonomously based on high-level doctrines.
The natural environment provides external interaction with the ownship and the overall mission. 

Technical data

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