Torpedo Handling System (THS)

The Handling and Storage System of the MU90 torpedoes is a voluntary control system, designed to safely store and handle the torpedoes on board the ship, considering the available room of the same ship.

The main parts forming the THS are:

  • a modular frame allowing to store the MU90 torpedoes both in exercise and service configuration (SU = Stowing Unit);
  • a handling device (TH = Torpedo Handler) that can translate on a pair of  guides linked to the upper deck, in order to allow the torpedo tubes and the lifting trolley to be loaded;
  • a device for the torpedo control and power supply (TH-CC: Torpedo Handler Control Cabinet);
  • a trolley to lift the torpedo with battery supply (TMM = T-MOVER Multi-purpose);
  • a Battery-Charger (TM-BC) for the trolley T-MOVER Multi-purpose in order to assure its operating continuity.

Each torpedo is stowed in the Stowing Unit on board a saddle allowing its extraction and assuring its protection against shocks and vibrations or sudden movements of the ship.

The system has been designed keeping into account the safety of the operators and the integrity of the weapon and in order to avoid as much as possible the risk of accidents also due to uncontrolled movements during the handling operations.

Each torpedo is fastened to the saddle by means of two bands and their safety devices while all the parts that can be opened or extracted and  that can cause damages due to accidental closing, are equipped with mechanical blocks.

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