It's an active, light sonar installed at the bow of the surface units.

Thesan (new commercial name of the already known product MAS) is an active, light sonar  installed at the bow of the surface units that use it as navigation support. It is employed both in civil and military sectors.

In fact, it should find out and localize moving or drifting objects both on the surface like containers or rocks and underwater like moored mines.

Moreover, it can individuate bottom peaks: where the navigation at sight doesn’t show any obstacles and the log signals constant bottom, it can discover a sea peak at the right distance to avoid stranding.

In this case, considering the ship’s evolving capacities already set in the system calculation software, Thesan carries out two actions:

  • it emits an acoustic and visual alarm that lights up on the pilot bridge and in the Captain’s cabin;
  • it evaluates the angular extension of the target, supplies a new minimum suggested rudder angle to avoid the obstacle keeping the speed steady.

Thesan consists of 4 main units:

  • Transducers Array
  • TX/RX Unit (receiving and transmitting antenna)
  • Display Visualization and Control Unit
  • FEC (Front-End Electronics)
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