SWave® VQ1 Vehicle Radio

Full-Featured Radio node for State-of-Battlefield missions

The SWave VQ1 is a Software Defined Radio that provides secure wideband video,voice and data communication services for the tactical needs of the current and future armoured vehicles.

Our SWave®  VQ1 operates four independent channels in the HF, VHF and UHF bands and complements  the on-board internetworking functions thus taking on the prominent role of vehicular radio node.   Compliant with both the Software Communications and the ESSOR architecture, the VQ1 can support standard, proprietary and emerging waveforms  for communications up to NATO Secret thus enhancing interoperability in NATO and coalition environments.


SelfNET® voice and data waveforms based on the IP protocol
Ground, Air, Behind-Line-Of-Sight, Ground-Air-Ground and Satellite, STANAG/MIL Standard Waveforms
Swave® Airborne Software Defined Radio Handheld SRT-800
Swave® Software Defined Radio Handheld HH-E
Swave® Software Defined Family of Naval Maritime Radios


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