SWave® Naval and Maritime Radios

The keystone of Naval Tactical Communications

LEONARDO is a world-leading shipboard communications integrator. Our role goes beyond ‘generic’ system integration and the way we operate is peculiar to tactical communications in a maritime environment.

Specifically designed for the  naval environment, our Swave® Software-Defined Radios are the heart of the Radio Communications Subsystem (CoS)  of the Integrated Naval Network, offering communications solutions for any mission scenarios.

The Radio CoS, along with all the others Communications Subsystems, are then arranged into the overall Communication Sub-System of the Naval/Stationary site to constitute, thanks to  the supported HF/VHF/UHF Standard and IP Proprietary Waveforms, the solid foundations on which we build our ability to deliver Maritime Domain Awareness  to Navies, Marine Corps, Security Authorities and Military users.

Our Radios portfolio encompasses HF Beyond-Line-Of-Sight and the VHF/UHF communications to provide customers with HF House and STANAG 5069 WB HF WF services, NATO HaveQuick I/II, Saturn IV, Link 11/22 and IP-over-Air and High-Speed Proprietary and Standard Mobile Ad Hoc Network waveforms. The SWave® Radios portfolio supports the external communications of  military surface vessels and maritime stationary sites as, for instance, naval bases and coastal surveillance buildings.


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