SWave® HH-E Handheld Radio

The smallest reconfigurable radio based to the market.
The SWave® HH-E is a body-worn radio for soldiers and squad commanders operating at the tactical edge providing interoperability with fielded radios and full support of the new generation bandwidth-demanding systems for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR).

Our SWave® HH-E supports a wide variety of communication services depending on the hosted waveforms, it features optimized Size-Weight-and-Power factors and Man-Machine devices for friendly and comfortable operations in any kind of mission, without the need of additional tactical PDAs or terminals. The radio hosts both narrowband and wideband waveforms, in either fixed frequency or frequency hopping modes, standard Combat-Net-Radios and new generation Wideband Networking waveforms.


SelfNET® voice and data waveforms based on the IP protocol
Ground, Air, Behind-Line-Of-Sight, Ground-Air-Ground and Satellite, STANAG/MIL Standard Waveforms
Swave® Airborne Software Defined Radio SRT-800
Swave® Software Defined Radio Vehicular Radio Node VQ1
Swave® Software Defined Family of Naval Maritime Radios


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