STRALES system represents a remarkable evolution for the 76/62 naval artilleries which includes three main components: a 76/62 naval gun, DART guided ammunition and a Radio Frequency Guidance System with associated electronic.

This System is the most effective response to the emerging requirements for medium calibre naval
guns, demanding the highest level of lethality within evolving scenarios where multiple manoeuvring targets are to be simultaneously engaged, in Air Defence as well as in Anti Surface action.

STRALES is a very cost effective solution which keeps any advantage related to gun technology and boosts performance by increasing system accuracy to missiles level.

Conceived as an add-on kit that can be integrated into the already in service Defence Systems Division 76/62 gun mounts, STRALES includes a Radio Frequency Guidance System provided with a mechanical frame to be connected to the gun-mount structure.

A new gun shield is provided with a watertight cover which can be automatically removed to deploy the guidance antenna; required electronic control unit is accommodated within suitable slots inside the 76/62 New Control Cabinet.

Once actual target position and stabilisation data are available, STRALES operates as a stand alone

Designed to be compatible with any existing Combat Management System, STRALES allows for all weather functioning.

The DART projectile is equipped with the new DART microwave  programmable  multifunction  fuse.

A new Multiple-Feeding (MF) ammunition loading system for the 76/62 mm is also available as a
separate kit; this kit derives from STRALES Double Feeding (DF), and is able to select any ammunition contained in the branches regardless of its position (typically, DART and standard ammo).

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