SPN 720


SPN-720 Shipborne Precision Approach Radar SPN-720 is a solid-state , Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) naval Precision Approach Radar, recognised as the smallest PAR available on the market

The SPN 720 is an ICAO compliant, I-band Doppler radar with coherent solid state transreceiver, provides safe and reliable final approach and deck landing guidance for aircraft day and night and in adverse weather conditions.

Main Features
  • CV NATOP Mode III landing, manual approach, ICAO compliant during which the radar controller relays continuous updates to the pilot on his position and direction via a secure VHF Channel
  • Frequency agile monopulse tracking with operating range from 60 m up to 12 nautical miles
  • The SPN-720 automatically adjusts the parallax error between the radar location and the landing path and can be operated as a stand-alone system or integrated with the ship Combat Management System
  • Provide simultaneous control of two aircraft. The Man-Machine Interface features two consoles each fitted with a PAR Display and an Air Search Display. The two consoles can operate in master/slave mode or dedicated to the assistance of one of the two simultaneous landing aircraft


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