SIT422/5 MR


The SIT422/5 MR is part of a family of MkXIIA (MkXII + Mode 5) and Mode S interrogators developed under the NGIFF program in order to provide a state-of-the-art IFF capability. This equipment is currently in use with NATO and Coalition Nations on mobile radar systems

Military identification is available with Modes 4 and 5, supported by an embedded crypto module entirely designed by the company and qualified by NATO Authorities (SECAN). Variants of the equipment can be provided for non-NATO applications, with a M4-only or National Secure Mode capability.

Mode S is also provided in order to monitor civilian air traffic for Situational Awareness purposes. The equipment has been designed for surface applications. Typical applications are medium/long range air systems.

The interrogator is packaged in a rugged single LRU, intended for hard mounting, it needs forced cooling; integration with the platform is mainly via Ethernet.

Main Features
  • Full MkXII, Mode S and Mode 5 capability
  • Embedded crypto certified by SECAN
  • Enhanced Surveillance Mode S operation with dual TX
  • Monopulse processing
  • Digital plot extractor and friend evaluator
  • Ethernet Control/Target Report interfaces
  • Certified by DoD AIMS


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