The SIT422/5 is part of a family of MkXIIA (MkXII +Mode 5) and Mode S interrogators that we have developed under the NGIFF programme  to provide a state-of-the-art IFF capability.

Military identification is available with Modes 4 and 5, supported by an embedded crypto module entirely designed by the company and qualified by NATO Authorities (SECAN); Operation in Mode 5 has been successfully verified during bilateral IT-US interoperability trials with the US Navy.

Variants of the equipment can be provided for non- NATO applications with a M4-only or National Secure Mode capability.

Mode S is also provided in order to monitor civilian air traffic for Situational Awareness purposes. The equipment has been designed for surface applications, covering the needs of SHORADs and medium range ground systems. It is also suitable for operation on-board small ships, such as patrol boats or corvettes.

Main Features
  • Full MkXII, Mode S and Mode 5 capability
  • Embedded crypto certified by SECAN
  • Tested for interoperability with US Navy
  • Enhanced Surveillance Mode S operation with dual TX
  • Monopulse processing
  • Digital plot extractor and friend evaluator
  • Self-configuring data/control interfaces (RS422, Ethernet)
  • Certified by DoD AIMS


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