Optronic Systems

Leonardo Land & Naval Defence Electronics offers leading-edge capabilities in the field of Electro-Optical (EO) technologies and systems.

Our capabilities are based on extensive experience in core elements, including the manufacture of high performance infrared detectors, thermal camera (ERICA, SLX HAWK) and imaging system design, development of stabilised electro-optical directors, image processing algorithms, and platform and mission system integration expertise, covering land vehicles and naval and avionic platforms.

The portfolio of solutions offered includes those for soldier or dismounted Situational Awareness (SA) as NIMOS modular helmet display which can receive data from ASPIS rifle sight, mobile or fixed surveillance systems for asset protection or border surveillance (NERIO MR –LR, OBSERVER camera), open architecture land vehicle mission systems, surveillance and force protection capability, commanders and gunners’ sights for tanks (ATTILA, LOTHAR, JANUS RSTA) armoured fighting vehicles (Thetis, Enforcer) and MBTs/AFVs modular systems solution (TURMS).

High performance sensors deliver comprehensive situational awareness also in a maritime environment from passive IRST missions and innovative automatic Search & Track full wide covered distribution system (SASS, IC-IRST) to Observation and Panoramic Sights (JANUS N), up to EOFCS for guns control (Medusa MK4B).

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