Testing the excellence for future flying.

Demonstrating the maturity and the effectiveness of technical solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles

The Aircraft Division plays an important role in the first European active Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (UCAV) demonstrator programme. The nEUROn is a project to develop know-how and maintain design and technological capabilities in the coming years, exploring important new fields including stealth and UCAV. The first nEUROn flight took place on December 1, 2012 from the French experimental test centre at Istres.

Missions & features

Our contribution

The Aircraft Division, the largest Tier-1 partner with a 22% share, is in charge of the smart integrated weapon bay, the electrical system and various subsystems with advanced Low-Observable (LO) features. The other participants are France, which leads the programme through the Dassault company, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Switzerland.

Stealth footprint

Similar to a little fighter aircraft in size, nEUROn was designed with a large use of composite materials. The aircraft has a “flying wing” configuration for superior low observable characteristics. The digital controlled turbofan engine has a frontal trapezoidal air-intake and a special designed exhaust to reduce radar and IR signature. The internal weapon bay can accommodate two 500 lb class guided bombs.

Technical data