The METEOR 700S sets the benchmark in weather radar technology for Meteorological Services particularly on long-range surveillance and extreme precipitation in tropical regions. The METEOR 700S combines cutting-edge technologies with straight-forward and reliable implementation.

It features an S-Band magnetron transmitter with a 2nd generation solid-state modulator, a digital receiver, a high-precision antenna and Rainbow® 5, the most up-to-date software package for meteorological users.

Main Features
  • High-end DWR with unparalleled price-performance ratio
  • Proven magnetron technology
  • Graceful degradation modulator
  • Wide dynamic range receiver, based on Dynrex dual-channel implementation
  • Proprietary high power filter technology, compliant with EU RTTE Directive
  • Low lifecycle costs due to high reliability
  • Improved range resolution and scanning speed through multi-trip echo recovery
  • S-Band advantage: Optimised for long-range surveillance under conditions of extreme precipitations


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