The METEOR 60DX sets the benchmark in cost efficient, high-end X-Band weather radar technology. With its ultra compact design and receiver/transmitter over-elevation configuration, the 60DX is suitable both for fixed installation and mobile applications

The innovative mobility option is based on a trailer approved for road service in Europe and most countries worldwide.With dual polarisation as a standard feature, the magnetron based system is a fully fledged high-end weather radar system, which delivers high quality data for a large variety of applications.

The METEOR 60DX can be used for regional campaigns in hydrological forecasting and scientific research, as a gap-filler in existing meteorological networks or to fulfil general meteorological functions in the X-Band range.

Main Features
  • All METEOR high-end features in compact design
  • Full METEOR system capabilities at X-Band price
  • Dual Polarisation capability as STANDARD feature
  • Proven magnetron technology
  • Improved range resolution and scanning speed through multi-trip echo recovery
  • X-Band advantage: Optimised for maximum sensitivity in short to medium ranges
  • Suitable for fixed installation and mobile applications
  • Mobile radar operation is independent from fixed electricity and telecom networks
  • Trailer can be towed by most SUVs


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