The next generation trainer

Pilots training for frontline operations need a platform that excels in every scenario, from basic to advanced training missions. The Aermacchi M-345 delivers the performance and effectiveness of a jet aircraft with the costs expected from a high-powered turboprop trainer, combining modern avionics with low acquisition and operating costs.


Missions & features

Integrated training solution

The M-345, which is designated the TUTOR II for Canada, draws on Leonardo Aircraft Division’s 60 years of experience in developing a diverse family of trainer aircraft. It is also the focal point of an Integrated Training System (ITS) that enables pilots to make a smooth transition from basic trainers to advanced phases of the training syllabus.

High efficiency

The M-345 provides a highly efficient trainer solution featuring lower lifecycle costs. Maintenance is minimised thanks to the Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) that eliminates the most expensive maintenance activities. Single-point pressure refuelling and on-board oxygen generation (OBOGS) reduce the need for ground support, maximising operational efficiency.

Modern avionics

Sophisticated avionics give pilots an experience based on the latest M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer, matching the standards of modern combat aircraft. The M-345’s avionics include the latest human-machine interface with HOTAS controls, Head-Up Displays (HUD) and Multi-Function Displays (MFD). The onboard Embedded Tactical Training System (ETTS) enables a spectrum of simulated training functions in flight including a link to a Live Virtual, Constructive (LVC) environment.

Operational flexibility

The M-345 can transition from jet trainer tasks to operational roles, bringing valuable operational flexibility. It fuses modern avionics, high external load capacity – more than 1,000 kg, with four under-wing pylons – and performance. The aircraft can also deploy weaponry including IR air-to-air missiles, gun pods, rockets, and 500lb-class bombs.

Technical data