The next generation trainer

The Aermacchi M-345, developed while exploiting the consolidated experience gained by the Aircraft Division in designing and manufacturing its wide family of trainer aircraft over the past 60 years, delivers the superior performance and training effectiveness typical of a jet aircraft at costs comparable to high-powered turboprop trainers. Aimed at the basic-advanced phases of the pilot training syllabus, the M-345 - specifically designated the TUTOR II for Canada - offers high efficiency with low acquisition and operating costs. 


Missions & features

High efficiency

Life-cycle-cost reduction is driven by long fatigue life and low level of maintenance, the latter made possible by the Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) that eliminates the most expensive maintenance activities. Operating efficiency is ensured by single-point pressure refueling and on-board oxygen generation (OBOGS), both of which reduce the need for ground support. 


Based on the latest M-346 Advanced Jet Trainer experience and matching the standards of the most modern combat jets, M-345’s avionics include the latest human-machine interface with HOTAS controls, Head-Up Displays (HUD), Multi-Function Displays (MFD), while the on board Embedded Tactical Training Simulation (ETTS) system allows the whole spectrum of simulated training functions in flight with a link to a LVC, Live Virtual, Constructive environment.





Operational roles

While maintaining its superior characteristics as a jet trainer, thanks to its modern avionics, high external load capacity (more than 1,000 kg, 4 under-wing pylons) and performance, the M-345 is also suited for operational roles, with the capability to employ weapons like IR air-to-air missiles, gun pod, rockets and 500 lb class bombs. 

Technical data