LINX Long Range, cooled hand-held target acquisition system

LINX-LR is the battlefield-oriented solution for Forward Observers in artillery, infantry and close air support scenarios. It is capable to detect, acquire and geo-locate targets during missions in an enhanced situation awareness.

LINX-LR is a multi-functional hand-held target acquisition System which includes a zoom cooled thermal imager and a high definition colour TV channel for all-weather observation and detection, an eye-safe Laser Range Finder, a Digital Magnetic Compass, a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, BT and Wi-Fi.

LINX-LR is a compact lightweight unit used by dismounted soldiers and special forces. 

It is designed to be “NET-centric”, through wireless or wired connections it can exchange information –both images and data- with the required nodes of a digitalized battlefield. It is already integrated with Battlefield Management Systems and C4I Systems, Software Defined Radios and Combat Net LoS or SATCOM radios. 

LINX-LR is developed in order to satisfy a variety of requirements and is suitable for several applications such as border and coastal surveillance, Forward Observers in artillery, infantry, close air support scenarios and more. 

Main features


The system integrates the following subsystems: 

  • Cooled MWIR IR camera
  • 3.1 Mpixel 10x zoom TV Camera
  • LRF module 
  • DMC module 
  • BT and Wi-Fi module 
  • GPS module 
  • Target Geo-Referencing capabilities
  • Bi-ocular Visual Unit module (two SXGA OLED micro-display)
  • Central Processing Unit 
  • Smart Android like Human-Machine Interface 
  • Video and Images record capability
  • NIR Laser pointer (Optional)

Technical data


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