Leonardo Interactive Digital Auco System (LEONiDAS)

LEONiDAS is an advanced, high performance audio and communications system designed for modelling and simulation. With LEONiDAS communication radios, intercom systems, voice alerting messages and navigation aids of an aircraft, helicopter or UAS can be easily simulated. An immersive audio environment can be also reproduced to recreate sound/noise perceived by the Trainee at the Cockpit.

LEONiDAS is used in Training Simulation to simulate Aural cues heard by the pilot inside the aircraft and to simulate Communications between Pilots, Instructors and Observers. In order to achieve the maximum quality locating the I/O audio interfaces nearest to the final sink/source, LEONiDAS hardware components are distributed among Cockpits, Instructor Stations and Server rooms.

Communication simulation include V/UHF Radio, SATCOM Radio, MIDS audio channels, role play Radios or Intercom, Warning message, Tones, seeker sounds, Voice Command recognition engines, text-to-speech, chatters. Radio includes electromagnetic propagation model that accounts for distance and terrain.

LEONiDAS toolbox includes components to control, debug the developed models including the capability to analyse audio signals in both time and frequency domains.

Communications support interoperability at LAN/WAN level for distributed training.

Main features
  • Radio Communications  
    Radios and Intercomms: V/UHF, HF, SAT, Role Play, HaveQuick/Crypto, Intercoms (Private, Maintenance), Voice Command, ATIS, Chatters.


  • Aural simulation Audio
    Engine sounds (Ground Cart,  Engines, APU, etc..), Environmental sounds (Aerodynamic hiss, tyre squeal/touchdown, runway, rain/hail, etc.), A/C surfaces sound (Flaps, Landing gear, Refuelling probe, etc..), Weapons sounds (store release/jettison, gun fire, etc..), Other (nearby explosion, bird strike, etc…)


  • High Performance
    LEONiDAS support Digital interconnection of Headsets, Push-to-talk, Speakers, Amplifier over a digital network with very low latency. 
    LEONiDAS support development of FFS Level D Sound models according to EASA.


  • Standards
    MOST, DanTE, HLA, DiS

Technical data

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