KRONOS LAND is a mobile multifunctional radar system designed by the company to support air and coastal defence tactical operations. The system simultaneously performs surveillance, dedicated target tracking and ECCM.

Emerging threat scenarios and requirements for military forces to exercise increased security with reduced manpower and improved response times demands easily deployable tactical sensor units to support a range of different operations. The KRONOS LAND has been developed to combine a range of capabilities in a single, mobile, easy to deploy electronically scanned system.

KRONOS LAND can be easily integrated into a defence surveillance network, contributing to the general Recognised Air Picture (RAP). It can also control SHORAD and VSHORAD systems. KRONOS LAND represents one of the most reliable choices for SAM systems, and has been fully engineered and integrated with both semi active and fully active missiles.

In addition, KRONOS LAND also includes Counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (C-RAM) capabilities by providing simultaneously the following functions:

  • Fire Finder to detect and locate enemy artillery
  • Fire Director to direct fire from friendly forces, estimating and recording shell impact points.