Floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters, striking numerous regions of the world each year. During the last decades, the trend in flood damages has been growing exponentially. To mitigate flood related risks, accurate and timely meteorological and hydrological forecasting products and solutions are needed. Leonardo’s HydroScout® solution supports successful decision making and flood management. 

HydroScout® is a turn-key solution for hydro-meteorological decision making and incorporates detection, monitoring and forecasting. Observations from weather radar systems, together with state-of-the-art data processing, are used to obtain measurements of the amount of rain that is falling to the ground with high temporal and spatial resolution. Future rainfall prediction is derived from extrapolation techniques, and this information is fed into hydrological models to produce different types of clear, consistent, and targeted warnings to assist the end-user in daily decision-making.

HydroScout® is designed as a modular system based on long-term experience in radar meteorology and hydrology. HydroScout® embraces hardware consisting of weather radar systems as the key instrument for the spatial observation of precipitation, and a series of algorithms for the generation of hydro-meteorological contents, products, and alerts.


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