HITROLE® Light is a state of the art lightweight Common Remote Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) that can be fitted with 7,62mm or 12,7mm Machine Guns (MG) or a 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) to perform multi-role tasks like surveillance, patrolling in urban environment, border security, counter-sniper and asymmetric missions.

Due to its light weight and innovative design, HITROLE® Light  can be easily installed on the roof of all types of vehicles including Utility Vehicles,  both tracked and wheeled, up to  Main Battle Tanks as secondary armamentNo penetration of the hull is required
The weapons are primarily stabilized on two axis, and a universal ammunition box for the different calibers is fitted on the mount. 

HITROLE® Light  Fire Control System (FCS) consists of a modular sighting system including a Day TV camera, an Infra Red (IR) camera for night vision and an eye safe Laser Range Finder (LRF).

HITROLE® Light FCS architecture is open and provides growth potential for system upgrade.
Both sighting system and firing are computer assisted and operated from a protected position inside the vehicle through a multi function display and joystick.

The Gunner is assisted by a Fire Control Computer (FCC) with ballistic and cinematic computation as well as an auto-tracker. The digital servo system is based on Digital Signal Processing technology.

HITROLE® Light is designed to minimize power consumption in order to grant a very long mission period and it is EMC compliant to MIL-STD-461D.
In an  emergency HITROLE® Light can be manually operated.