HITFIST® 25-30

HITFIST® is a two-man power operated turret incorporating the Iatest technologies in the fields of electronics, protection, signature and Man Machine Interface (MMI).

The HITFIST turret frame is made of ballistic aluminium alloy; with steel armour plates and composite material installed to reach the required protection.

The low silhouette design, the retractable episcopes, the reduced total weight make the HITFIST® turret suitable for installation on wheeled/tracked vehicles air-transportable on C130.

The main armament consists of an automatic cannon, 25mm or 3Omm, electrically controlled for elevation, traversing and firing operations; feeding is through belted rounds housed in two ammunition containers. As an option the main armament can also include two Anti Tank Missile Launchers, side mounted.

The turret is fitted for receiving a secondary armament composed of a 7,62mm machine gun coaxially mounted, a 7,62mm machine gun pintle mounted and a set of Smoke Grenade Launchers (option).

HITFIST® ‘s FCS guidance set allows engagement of targets by day and night; the electrical, fully digital servo-systems and the line of fire primarily stabilized ensure a high accuracy of fire. Crew consists of two men sat side by side in the turret: the Commander on the Ieft, the Gunner on the right. A single man can fully operate the turret.

HITFIST® ‘s digital FCS includes a day TV camera, a 2nd  Generation IR Camera, a telescopic day optical channel, an eye safe LRF, a meteo and a vertical reference sensors suite and a Laser Warning (option). The Commander and Gunner's symmetrical posts include two LCD colour displays.

HITFIST® FCS is fitted for receiving a self stabilized optical sight for day and night and a Commander Panoramic Sight with Day TV camera and IR Camera including situational awareness and full hunter capability modules.

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