HITFACT MkII 105-120mm

Large Caliber Military Turret

The HITFACT® MkII is the first Large Caliber Turret in the world equipped with an high pressure MBT gun installed on a 8×8 wheeled vehicle, exceeding the 500 units in service with several Armies.

HITFACT® MkII turret, armed with 120mm/45 caliber gun and fitted for 105mm/52, provides accurate, responsive tactical capability to armed forces, worldwide.

The three-man, power-operated turret can be installed on light to medium weight tanks and wheeled or tracked tank destroyers. The light-weight turret design and low-recoil characteristics of the gun ensure tactical mobility and high firepower for a strategic battlefield advantage.

HITFACT® MkII, qualified and currently in production, is the state of art solution in terms of Firepower, Connectivity and Survivability.

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