GoGet - Digital Integrated Operational Support

We are putting information in the hands of our people: automating data acquisition; delivering real time visual insights anytime and anywhere; creating an enhanced experience for customers, partners and suppliers.

We aim to drive the next acceleration in growth; to cope with the step change in data complexity and volume; to provide a customer experience more akin to what they’re used to through their daily, technologically driven lives; and to make our support solutions more flexible and agile to meet changing needs and help us to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. 

By targeting the collection and storage of good quality data and developing the right technology, we can help our people to do things more efficiently and effectively and to allow them to do things that they can’t do today.

The initial developments are for our fixed and rotary wing Integrated Operational Support delivery teams. They are focused on providing real-time insights across the whole supply chain, providing one source of information for everyone and giving earlier visibility of deviations from expected performance. The GoGet product family will have many applications, each focused on a different element of service delivery, and delivered to our customers as mobile or PC based applications. The initial product, GoTag, achieves instant data collection through a mobile app that creates a QR code, which can be applied to an asset. The QR code is then scanned at key milestones throughout the supply chain to track the asset.

This is just the beginning. Our future opportunities lie in predictive analytics with machine learning, cloud computing, deployed applications in the UK and abroad and an active Software as a Service ecosystem. We will also offer digital consultancy, using design thinking to help customers identify key opportunities, and providing business insights using advanced analytics and predictive modelling.

Main features
  • Customer focused: Design Thinking ensures our solutions are customer-focused, with customer participation throughout the development process. 
  • Task Automation: Automating information capture, limiting human error and freeing up time to spend on more complex problems.
  • Analytical Solutions: Bespoke interfaces that enable people to get quicker insights to make better decisions.
  • Rapid Results: Agile approaches allow rapid prototyping and mean that digital solutions can be implemented at pace to yield operational results.
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