Combining power and sensitivity. GDRX® 5 is an ultra-sensitive multi-channel digital receiver and signal processor. Separate channels for weak and strong signals provide an extremely wide dynamic range, so all backscatters of meteorological interest can be displayed across the entire operating range of the radar.

Hosting the signal processor on a high-performance commercial PC, equips GDRX® 5 with the necessary computing power to handle modern algorithms (e.g. pulse-to-pulse dynamic matched filters), while the elimination of proprietary hardware means customers may benefit from easy upgrades and advancements in processor speed for many years to come.

Main features

GDRX® 5 disposes of a high sensitivity and excellent linearity over a wide dynamic range. It offers a great variety of processing algorithms and an on-board numerical AFC. The dynamic pulse-to-pulse matched filter design of GDRX® 5 is based on TX burst sampling. An on-board waveform generator for coherent transmitter types supports phase-coding, pulse compression and test signal injection. GDRX® 5 offers multi-trip filtering/recovery and I/Q record and replay.


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