Fighter Full Mission Simulators
Fighter training evolution.

Paradigm shift: from “train as you fight” to “fight like you train”

State-of-art in Fighter Full Mission Simulators

State-of-art in Fighter Full Mission Simulators

Leonardo design, produce and deliver high end full mission simulators (FMS) for military fast-jet aircraft. They accurately reproduce the aircraft cockpit, avionic and the sensors and simulate complex environment aligned with the emerging needs for full combat training and full interoperability in the modern operational landscape. 

Mission & features

Cockpit replica

1:1 replica of the cockpit with the perfect mix of real and replicated panels that provides the highest fidelity and reliability. The FMSs are also equipped with Motion Systems, Control Loading System and Sound simulation for a complete and accurate cueing to the pilot.

Tactical environment

Realistic and immersive environment (based on RIACE) that reproduces complex tactical missions with hundreds of high fidelity intelligent computer generated forces providing operational training fidelity not achievable in live training.  

Instruction Station

With a constant focus on Innovation, Leonardo integrates inside the Instructors Station solutions technologies which simplify the interaction with the system thus reducing the workload of the operator and increasing the situation awareness. 

Sensor simulation

Sensors behaviour is key to achieve the high-end operational capabilities required within the emerging training paradigm. MARS provides high fidelity physics based simulation of the reproducing the whole chain of interaction between the environment, the sensor and the algorithms of the Data Processor. 

Full LVC interoperability

Leonardo exploit the distributed mission operations architecture developed upon RIACE environment  to provide the users with a complete interoperability  among all the assets involved in the real missions that is essential to reach the operational capability required by the new training paradigm. 

Technical data

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