Falco-family Mission Training System
The Falco-family training solution for in-house and Customers training.

Powerful solution to train Leonardo’s and Customers’ UAS teams.

‘As per aircraft’ fidelity to train for the best performance

To prepare its crews for the demanding missions where the Falco UAS operates, Leonardo has created a line of products devoted to the Falco and to its evolutions. Used primarily as training environment for the Falco Users and Company asset for the certification of Leonardo pilots, it is also employed to test new features  involving performance variations, Emergencies and Malfunctions etc..  

Mission &Features

Designed with our pilots

The system is the ‘digital twin’ of the real Falco system.  It covers individual and joint training of all the various crew roles, including Pilot, Sensors and DataLink Operators. Its features are the result of an accurate and constant improvement activity with Leonardo test pilots and instructors.

Sensors fidelity

The system offers an unrivalled sensor simulation of all types of payloads available for Falco, including for example turret (Wescam, FLIR), Radar (PicoSar, Gabbiano), AIS and others.

Testing and experimentation

The system is also used to test/experiment new features  enhancing the current capabilities in critical areas such as new payloads, simulation for weight and balance, ground behaviour, performance variations. This allows to test the system in advance to the system availability, saving time. 

Technical data

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