Defence Systems Training courses

Specific courses are planned according to the different skills needed, held by full-time professionals with extensive experience in all areas, both con simulators or on field.

We believe that every Customer aims at increasing the expertise of its operators. Visit our Training Center, enhance your abilities.

Specific courses are planned according to the different skills needed, both on simulators or on field, held by full-time professionals with extensive experience in all areas.
Our standard training program allows know how transfer to Customers that need to manage the systems both in operation and in maintenance activities. Familiarize with your new systems for real application cases, find the right course for your specific needs.

Training Offer


•    Familiarization
A theoretical course that can be carried out in our Training Center or at the customers location, aimed at officers in need of a basic knowledge of the system features and operational possibilities.
•    Operator
Designed to train the personnel responsible for operations on our systems, the objective of the course is to teach the procedures for system utilization in operational and emergency mode and basic maintenance.
•    Maintainer & Repairer
Designed to train the personnel responsible for standard and corrective maintenance. Trainees will learn procedures for maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, failure identification and parts repair to keep the system in a safe condition.


3D Room


Defence Systems 3D room software enables operators to navigate and visualize our cutting-edge weapon systems in an enhanced learning experience
An accurate simulation of the real system and its dynamics will make you perceive depth and obstacles of procedures performance and appreciate the details of the internal mechanisms. The 3D room includes a projection system for stereoscopic and immersive vision allowing the manipulation of virtual models in real time allowing to see assemblies in operation and allows to reproduce standard maintenance procedure. There is a great potential to learn how to use our systems thanks to the combination of traditional training courses and the virtual solution. 


Software Main Features



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