Defence Systems Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Leonardo has established three non-routine activities  to update and upgrade the weapon system configuration  to state-of-the-art equipment and features.

Defence Systems maintenance philosophy is based on most recognized military standards but it can be tailored to different organizations according to Customer’s requirements.

Logistic support has been designed in a flexible way, being ready to adapt it to any maintenance organization. It is mainly divided in primary maintenance, performed on the system, and secondary maintenance performed on reparable items replaced on the system. Leonardo has established three non-routine activities to update and upgrade the weapon system configuration to state-of-the-art equipment and features.


Ready to Fire


Ready to Fire is a minimum amount of maintenance activities to be performed in order to restore the operability of the 76/62 Gun Mount not used nor maintained since long time. The main advantages of this type of activity:

  • Minimum requirement for spare parts, special tools, test equipment and technical personnel involvement
  • Limited period of disengagement from the fleet of the vessel
  • Removal of the system not required and lifting facilities not necessary 
  • Heavy duty ground transportation equipment not required
  • High readiness of the system 
  • Valuable cost effectiveness    
Minor Refurbishment Operation


MRO is one of the most important non-routine maintenance activities. It will enable to restore the equipment to its almost original technical features and to enhance its maintainability, reliability and operational performance. The activities can be carried out completely on Customer site in a short period of intervention during which updates and upgrades of the configuration can be set up, allowing to postpone the major overhaul.




The term “overhaul” stands for a series of activities necessary to regenerate the complete efficiency of the system by restoring the best possible reliability. The overhaul can therefore be defined as an extraordinary programmed preventive maintenance during which it is possible to introduce modifications and improvements intended to bring up to date the configuration of the system.

Defence Systems overhaul process consists of 11 procedures to regenerate completely the weapon system.

1 Connecting cables of the console should be checked on board and must not be removed 
2 Firing tests can be carried-out or in Leonardo firing range or on board


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