Defence Systems Help Desk

Leonardo offers a background support provided in order to examine Customer's technical requests and provide proper solutions.

We have developed an e-service to be closer to our Customers' needs and provide efficient and effective support to our systems in service. Receive online technical assistance from our dedicated Support Team.

More than 60 countries all over the world employ our defence systems. We aim to support our Customers offering a 24/7 web support to examine their technical requests and provide proper solutions. Our e-services solutions are available either as part of a life cycle support contract or as a specific proposal tailored to the customer’s requirements. To have access to the service we have developed a personalized smart card which guarantees the integrity of all operations.


Main features


Our Defence Systems Help Desk allows our Customers to

  • Download technical documentation
  • Receive on-line training and technical documentation assistance
  • Receive on-line technical assistance 
  • Consult spare parts catalogue
  • Check the current configurations of the systems and all engineering changes
  • Receive tailored upgrading/modernization kits information
  • Track an order in real time
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