Commercial Electronics

The Commercial Electronics Line Of Business provides Human to Machine Electronic Controls, Display Solutions and Lighting Systems for commercial and military aircraft, in support of many of the most advanced fixed and rotary wing programs, including the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter (JSF/F-35) and Airbus A320, A400M and A350XWB.

Based on more  than 40 years of outstanding expertise, the main activities encompass two main products families “Human to Machine Electronic Controls and Display Solutions” and “Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems”, each including a wide range of products:

Human to Machine Electronic Controls and Display Solutions: Lighted Panels, Control Panel Assemblies (Switch Panels), Data Entry Panels and Bezels Keyboards, Integrated Cockpit Panels  Systems (Flight Deck Control Panels), Overhead Panels & Breaker Panels, HOTAS systems & Hand Grips, Warning & Annunciators panels, Landing Gear Control Units, Control Cursor Units, Maintenance Data Panels, LED Displays, Multi Function Displays, Display Head Assemblies, Up Front Control Panels, Multifunction Control Display Units and Data Interface Units.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Systems: Flood Lights, Map lights, Dimmer units, Landing & Taxi Lights, Power Supplies, Formation Lights, Navigation Lights, Anti Collision lights, Information Signs, Emergency Lighting Systems, Wing & Engine Scan Lights, Cargo Area Lights, Cargo & External Flood Lights, Cabin and Mood Lighting. 

In particular, we provide the Dual Mode Helicopter LED Search and Landing Light, the most advanced lighting system in the market, able to switch from visible to Infrared without any set-up requirement. 

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