C303/S is a submarine launched system designed to designed to counter the attacks of acoustic homing torpedoes, active/passive, wire and non wire-guided.

C303/S is a high-performance anti-torpedo countermeasure systems. It is designed to resist the attacks of the most technologically advanced torpedoes and can be used unically from submarine.

The countermeasure launching system supplied by Defence Systems Division in the version from submarine (C303/S), is formed by a 12-barrel launching network. The system assures the ejection at suitable distance of countermeasures that can both represent dummy mobile targets (MTE) and generate disturbance noise for the acoustic head of the enemy torpedo (Jammers). The combination of mobile Decoys and Jammers has the purpose of cheating the torpedo, which directs its attacks towards the dummy targets, thus allowing the ship to perform an evasive countermeasure.

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