C-27J Spartan Next Generation
The unrivalled multi-mission airlifter

Rugged, reliable, proven, versatile

The C-27J Spartan Next Generation answers the call for a highly flexible tactical airlifter capable of performing in the most extreme operational environments. From humanitarian relief to troop transport and medevac roles, the combat-proven C-27J can be reconfigured quickly, enabling operators to transport more and reach further.

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Missions & features

Unmatched tactical solution

The versatile C-27J is in service with 16 operators across five continents. Featuring new avionics, improved operating efficiency and enhanced performance, the C-27J Spartan Next Generation is interoperable with other larger airlifters and offers a reliable tactical solution that is unmatched by any other aircraft in its class.

Highly adaptable

Modern airlifters must be optimised for rapid response. The C-27J can be reconfigured quickly thanks to multiple roll-on/roll-off easily installable and transportable mission kits and systems. It excels in roles including transporting troops and cargo, cargo airdrop, as well as medevac/casevac, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. It can also perform VIP transport; firefighting; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR); maritime patrol; and tactical support missions.

Unrivalled capabilities

Today’s demanding operations require airlifters to carry more and fly almost anywhere. The C-27J has the largest cargo bay in its class with a unique strong cargo floor supporting almost five tons per square metre that can be adjusted for height and tilt to simplify operations. The C-27J has the best descent and climb rate (4,000 - 2,500 ft/min), can perform 3g tactical manoeuvres and is qualified to perform short take-offs and landings (STOL) on snowy, sandy, and unprepared airfields.


The combat-proven C-27J can be equipped with a full Defensive Aids Sub-Systems suite, secure communications, and battlefield ballistic protection to operate in high threat environments, delivering cargo, light vehicles and personnel wherever they are needed. Its Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) guarantees autonomous operations.

State-of-the-art avionics

Avionics play a vital role in reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety. The C-27J’s avionics architecture is fully redundant and guarantees excellent performance and low pilot workload in all environmental conditions and operational theatres. The glass cockpit includes five-colour Multi-purpose Display Units, radar for tactical transport missions and a comprehensive communication suite. Optional systems include air-to-air refuelling, self-protection, and head-up displays.

Performing worldwide

The C-27J is proving its multi-mission capability around the world. Customers include Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, United States (Army Special Operations Command and Coast Guard), Morocco, Mexico, Chad, Australia, Peru, Kenya, Zambia and an undisclosed country. Italy, Romania, and the United States have purchased C-27J aircrew training flight simulators from Leonardo’s Aircraft Division.

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