Black Shield

The Black Shield is a supervision system designed to detect and oppose sea threats such as ships, submarines, midgets or divers.

The Black Shield is a surveillance system designed by Defence Systems Division to detect and oppose sea threats that can be represented by ships, submarines, mini-submarines or divers. This system can be installed in every sensitive site of a country, like ports and strategic areas, military or industrial areas, along the coasts or seaward to protect off-shore platforms or mooring docks.

Integrated with the heavyweight torpedo Black Shark of  Defence Systems Division, the Black Shield forms a protection system equipped with detection and reaction capacities.

It consists of 3 specific protection levels for ports and coastal sites that can also be used singularly, since each one of them has “stand-alone” functions.

The 3 protection levels are represented by:

  • An external protection barrier placed 2- 4 kilometres off the coast:  Early Warning System  formed by passive / active sonar systems;
  • A protection barrier at the entrance of the port formed by acoustic and magnetic sensors placed on the bottom of the sea and far from each other according to the depth of the water;
  • A protection barrier inside the port: Intruder Warning Sonar

A unique protection level has been designed for the Oil & Gas off-shore platforms: it consists of passive / active sonar systems that allow tracing surface means and possible underwater means in the area around the platform.

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