New Combat Helicopter

The AW249 is the only new combat helicopter currently being designed. Technologically advanced, with outstanding performance, high survivability and low operating cost, the AW249 will be able to meet and exceed arising needs in evolving scenarios for the next 30 years.

The AW249 will feature all the latest technology developments in its market segment and will benefit from the design leadership of Leonardo. The open systems architecture will guarantee future growth capabilities and the state-of-the-art communication and battlefield management system will provide interoperability and teaming with other platforms in a network centric battlefield. The mission system will feature a number of situational awareness aids to reduce pilot workload and increase safety.

The helicopter, compliant with the most rigorous safety requirements, will ensure high safety and survivability thanks to Advanced Integrated Defensive Aids Suite, Ballistic Tolerance, crashworthiness and low detectability.

With a MTOW in the range of 7-8 tonne, the AW249 will have speed and endurance to sustain the most difficult attack, close air support and armed escort operations while the two powerful engines will allow for operations in all environment conditions (hot & high, cold weather). Shipboard operational capability will be designed in from the start.

In addition to a turreted gun, the AW249 will be equipped with a flexible weapon system with six wing store stations.

Main Features
  • Mission system enables teaming with UAVs
  • High speed and endurance to escort transport and multirole helicopters
  • Lower life-cycle costs than previous generation helicopters thanks to the extensive operational expertise and advanced design philosophy of Leonardo
  • Maximization of situational awareness through advanced mission systems (Net Centric Capability)
  • Low detectability (e.g. low signature, high agility)
  • Ballistic Tolerance (e.g. redundancy, separation of critical systems, dry run capability of drive system, armoured seats, ballistic tolerant fuel tanks)
  • Crashworthiness (e.g. crashworthy airframe, seats and fuel tanks)
  • Six wing store stations for air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles, unguided/guided rockets and external fuel tanks
  • Wing stores can carry mixed/asymmetric weapon loads
  • 20 mm nose mounted turreted gun


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