Advanced solution for advanced Combat Management, modular and scalable

ATHENA® (Architecture & Technologies Handling Electronic Naval Applications) advanced Combat Management Systems (CMS) from patrol vessels up to aircraft carriers, as well as for refurbishment or refitting programs.

The ATHENA® CMS integrates all the functions required for surveillance, sensors and tactical picture management, navigation support, threat evaluation and weapon assignment, weapon system management, mission planning, multi tactical data link and on board training. ATHENA CMS is based on a fully redundant modular and scalable architecture that can be customized to fit specific customer need.

  • High level of system integration and automation
  • Wide range of mission operations supported
  • Open, distributed and modular architecture
  • Wide adoption of suitable COTS components
  • Advanced tactical and planning decision support
  • Integration with Maritime C4I systems
  • Video digitisation (Radar, TV), distribution and presentation
  • High level of automatic integration of sensor data and automatic coordination of weapon systems
  • System performances and reliability for guaranteeing continuity of operational functions with no loss of data
  • Flexibility and modularity with growth potential and upgrade capabilities 


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