Aircraft Integrated Training System (ITS)

The right solution for the training needs of the Air Forces

The optimal balance of real aircraft and appropriate simulation reduces costs without compromising quality, allowing fewer aircraft to generate more sorties.

Through our advanced integrated training solutions, comprised of aircraft like the M-345 and M-346 trainers, a complete Ground Based Training System (GBTS) with simulators and instructional devices, aircraft availability based logistic services, our customers can smoothly transitioning pilots fresh from primary trainers to the latest next generation fighters.


Main Features 


An Integrated Training  System to train military pilots and support the fleet in the best way includes:

  • Aircraft with built-in Embedded Tactical Training Simulation (ETTS)
  • Synthetic Ground Based training (Full Mission Simulator and Part Task Trainer)
  • Academic training (Computer Aided Instruction and Computer Based Training)
  • Mission Planning (Mission Support Station to support Planning, Briefing and De-briefing phases)
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive training environment
  • Training Need Analysis (TNA) and Training Management Information System (TMIS) 
  • Logistic service (from standard Integrated Logistic Support to full Performance Based Logistics)
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