Airborne Turnkey Services

Just think to the desired result, we develop and execute all the rest

With more than five decades of experience, Leonardo has proven to be an outstanding contractor in the provision of high value, cost effective Turn Key Service solutions, using and operating its own Aerial ISR and Target Systems.

Leonardo provides Turnkey Services to those Customers looking for reliable and cost effective solutions in the field of Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) and in the field of Aerial Target Systems.

Operations are planned and executed according to the Customer’s requirements guaranteeing the highest level of flexibility and efficiency.
Leonardo utilizes its own assets, systems, equipment and skills. This strongly reduces the risk level and the required investment for the Customer.  
Our turnkey services in the Aerial Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) domain are executed through our own fleet of manned and unmanned systems to complete a range of missions including:

  • Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance ( ISTAR)
  • Persistent surveillance
  • Surveillance data gathering
  • Environmental Protection Service.                 

The service are tailored to the Customer operational requirements and span from simple image acquisition to complex high-value information provisioning, data exploitation & dissemination.

We provide and operate tactical ground control center for manned and unmanned systems specifically designed to meet a variety of evolving mission requirements and in order to maximize the data exploitation.

Our Aerial Targeting Services are executed through our own Mirach products family (Mirach 100/5 and Mirach 40), specifically developed to target different Customer’s requirements in terms of flexibility, payload and cost.

Leonardo fleets can be deployed worldwide to train and qualify a wide variety of weapon systems, combining reliability and cost effectiveness to make our Turn Key Service the best solution for demanding customers.

Our Aerial Targeting Systems integrate all ancillary payload equipment, to ensure realistic end-user threat representation in the widest range of possible scenarios.

Based on our customer requirements, our Aerial Targeting Systems have been successfully operated  in a wide range of complex threat simulation scenarios, including navy ships, desert, unprepared and arctic ranges

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