Airborne Simulator Based Training Services

Count on our Training to perform your missions successfully

Customers can rely on Leonardo’s expertise for the management of their Simulation assets for the tactical training of military pilots. Customer requirements are analyzed and simulation plans are defined with a SLA. According to this we provide the best maintenance operators and instructors.  

Customers can benefit from Leonardo operators with the highest levels of skills, both on technical aspects and in terms of experience gained on a variety of different environments.

The efficacy of our Simulation Based Services is demonstrated by the success of the several missions performed by the pilots we trained. 

Leonardo has matured years of relevant experience in this field, we guarantee in fact the operational availability of the Italian Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon simulators Asta “CISS EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON ASTA”. The service level agreement is based on a high rate of operating and training capabilities.

Leonardo also provides the “TORNADO SIMULATOR TRAINING SERVICES” through the simulators on the Italian Air Force bases, to the agreed performance parameters and KPIs.

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