ACS Portal

A fast, secure and direct contact for the Customer.  “ACS Portal” is the new Leonardo Aircraft Division web portal designed with the aim of providing services to the Customer and facilitating information exchange with maximum information security. 

The Portal is protected from unauthorized access or intrusion and only allowed users could access to the application. 


Main features


Our portal is organized in 6 main section:

1. In Service Operational Data, divided in:

  • My Report: manage Customer docs, Reports and database relevant to In Service Data
  • My Aircraft: manage fleet status

2. Request and Response, designed to manage all official R&R between customers and Aircraft Division. Is divided in:

  • Request for quotation
  • Engineering queries
  • Request for spares
  • Request of repair

3. Modification, manage Change Authorities documentation and highlights its embodiment. Is divided in:

  • Change authorities
  • Embodiment

4. Information: manage information exchange from/to Customer

5. Technical Publication: designed in order to allow our Customer to consult directly through internet browser the applicable technical publication

6. Last Info: news and highlights


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